Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And when your bones can't take no more, just remember what you're here for

I'm so mad... SO MAD! Seriously. The geography exam was a piece of crap. I mean, I seriously studied ALL DAY yesterday... without any breaks. I made notes and I read the whole book like 3 times properly. And then she comes up with questions about the biggest cities in South America and my mind goes blank.... I feel so stupid! Duh, the easiest question ever and I mess up. Oh and sorry I do not remember the capital of Uruguay (montevideo it is, not uruguay which I put down as my answer). Stupid exam. I'm so mad. All that studying and she decides to put questions about crap I don't know which aren't mentioned in the book (but oh we did talk about it during the lesson when I was sick). ARGH. Ok, now I'm done, maybe I did awesome in the other questions (I highly doubt it).

Afterwards we drove to the mall with Jassi and Julle and I bought a pair of pants and a really cute top!! 

both from Vero Moda

Adios! Good night, tomorrow's no school, so I'm gonna hang out with Tiia & Camilla tonight! 

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