Friday, October 5, 2012

Find light in the beautiful sea, I chose to be happy

The second period in school started! I have history, English, Finnish, Athletics, and some other ones I can't seem to recall. Oops!

We had pajama day today in school, no worries about what to wear and the most important thing was to just feel relaxed and comfortable! In history we listened to the national anthem of America and I seriously got kinda teary eyed. I miss home #2.

After school I went and saw Madagascar 3 with Nelli, Isa and Matu. I laughed so much! I'm embarrassed to confess that I probably laughed more than the little kids in the movie theatre. I just watched Glee and shed a tear or two. Now I'm off to practice and then to Emmi for a taco night with the team! LOVE

My two favorite songs at the moment

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