Thursday, October 25, 2012

It doesn't matter what we do, where we are going to

Thursday's are always stressful! I have school from 8-15.30 (3.30pm) and it's exhausting. After school Isa and I went to town to buy Daniela's birthday present! She's turning 18 on Saturday and has invited us over for a celebration! Wohoo, finally I'm actually dragging my sorry butt somewhere other than our couch! Be proud of me people.

Now I'm just hanging out at home, but after six I'm meeting up with Jonna for our usual date night with sushi and a movie. It's been way too long though!! 

P.S. I have absolutely no life... I had to wait on Isa for 40minutes because I finished my English essay early and this is what I do. As we like to say in finnish nolo. 

In the end I gave up on trying to look pretty. 

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