Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I just came home from our dance practice. All second year students have the opportunity to dance in this formal thingy. You have a dance partner and you dance old school. Like tango and valse. I mean my partner's actually pretty good at dancing and all the people are really nice, but those are the moments when I feel really lonely because I don't know that class very well. That's when I realize how different it is without my own friends and it makes me a little bit sad.
I'm happy I have friends who text me during the rehearsals and make me laugh! :)

Here's things I think are pretty from pinterest. I love that site! P.S. I need to find that perfect little black dress!!!


Jassiii said...

Aaaw, poor thing! Hinner vi månne o titta på er gammeldans? If so, I'm there!

Ansku said...

Jee <3