Tuesday, October 16, 2012

say what you need to say

You know what. I had a bad day yesterday and I said I was sorry about the post, but if you think about it why should I be? I mean this is my blog about my life and it isn't perfect! I have good days and bad and it would be fake and unreal if I only wrote that I was happy all the time. Be who you are because showing your weaker side sometimes actually makes you seem stronger. Or that's what I think anyway.

Today was better, but not the best. I had my test and I think it went really well... The problem is that it only had two questions worth 6 points. I really want to get a good grade. After yesterday's fiasco at practice today was much, much better!

Only one day left of school and we all get Thursday and Friday off because of fall break! Yeaaaaah, I'm so excited. Tomorrow after school we're driving to my teammates house in Perniƍ which is about 40 minutes from Turku. We're gonna watch movies and eat A LOT of unhealthy food and get in their jacuzzi. I'm amped about hanging this whole team bonding thing, it's always a blast and I love my team! Good times and bad. I'm so not sad about missing out on an ABI-party. I hope my friends that are going will have a good time though, I'm just not feeling it! I mean 10 euros for ONE ticket?? That's absurd.

Anyways, I think I'm gonna watch a couple of episodes of Once upon a time and then I'm gonna go to bed because I'm exhausted all the time!

nice and fresh after practice - NOT!


Hilde Kristin Lium said...

Hi Anna <3
You are so right.
I love you <3

Ansku said...

I love you!!

Anonymous said...

Oot ihana :)

Ansku said...

Voi kiitos :)