Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sometimes something and in others nothing

I've just had the most boring Thursday in the history of Thursdays. Ok, clearly I'm over exaggerating, but still, a real snooze fest. Later tonight I have a game and at the moment I'm doing nothing.

Yesterday was a disappointment. Marianne and I went to donate some blood, but I wasn't allowed because of the stupid tumor I had in my shoulder 1,5 years ago. Not cancer people, so no worries. They said that they needed more information about the situation because it might accelerate the possibly regrowth of my tumor. Boo for that. The good news was that since I didn't get to donate I went for a 7.5km run (4.6 miles). Wait.... how is that good?

Oh, and my friend Lidia just gave birth to her baby boy Brody! He's such a handsome fella! Hopefully in the near future I'll get to personally meet him. Crazy how time flies!

Without counting the upcoming weekend there's 4 days of school before the fall break, lamest break ever since it's only Thursday and Friday + weekend, but I'll take whatever days I'll get.

Port A, May '12

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