Monday, October 8, 2012

When you can't sleep

1. Klädstil? Varifrån får du din inspiration?
2. Vart skulle du helst och vart skulle du aldrig RESA till?
3. Ärligt talat, vad skulle du göra om du hittade en hundra-lapp på gatan? 
4. Favoritmat?
5. Om du vore en kändis, vem skulle du vilja vara?
6. Berätta om en konstig dröm du kommer ihåg.
7. Drömjobb?
8. Om du bara hade en dag kvar att leva, vad skulle du göra på 24 timmar?
9. Vilken låt lyssnade du på senast?
10. Bussen kör förbi dig. Vad gör du?
11. 5 bilder du gillar på ;

Okay, here's 11 questions in Swedish that I took from a blog that I read from time to time.. to do for fun. I'll translate each of them so no worries! 

1. Sense of style? Where do you find inspiration?
Hmm... I don't know. It all depends on what day I'm having. I've always been more of a tomboy, but I'm getting better at the girly stuff. I love shoes! I could seriously buy a new pair everyday! Heels, boots, flats, sneakers, love them all!! Since it's fall I'm really into colors like army green, burgundy, dark green, different shades of beige and black of 
course. You can never really go wrong with black.
I get my inspiration from tumblr, weheartit and pinterest.
Love ripped shorts and golden bangles, not really for the weather in Finland though
What I'm into at the moment
I've never ever been more dolled up, haha loved it! Miss that dress :( 

2. Where would you like to travel at the moment and is there a place you would NEVER want to go to?
I would go anywhere where I could get an awesome tan. Haha! I have a problem, I know! No, but I want to go to London and Paris in Europe, back to TX of course and Australia is never out of the picture, but I'd also like to go back to Hawaii! The best place I've ever 
been on a vacation ! Honeymoon destination for sure (if I ever get married). 
I would never want to go to the Antarctic (ok, I really do wanna see a polar bear).

3. To be honest, what would you do if you found a hundred dollar bill on the street?
If I'm completely honest, I'd keep it. I mean it's not like I could take it to the police station. If I saw someone drop it, that would be another case. I don't steal, but I'm not going to leave it on the street. 

4. Favorite meal? 
Food, get in my belly. Haha! Seriously though! I love almost everything.. Except for Lasagna (EWW) and peas. I learned to like corn, but Mexican food any day, FOR SURE! And American mom's banana nut muffins and mom's potato & onion soup. Yummy! 

5.If you were a celebrity, who would you be? 
Uhmmm... Oh gosh! I would want to be someone who can make a difference in the world. Ok, I would love to be Adele for the day and be able to sing for a day. That lady's got a voice!! 

6.Recall a weird dream you've had?
I always have vivid dreams, except for when I was in the States. I was always so exhausted that I never had the energy to dream. If I surprisingly had a dream in the States it was always about me being back in Finland and nobody wanted to be with me and nobody remembered me. Now that I'm back I have that same dream, but about the people in TX. Weirdo, I know. 

7.Dream job?
In the end I really want to do something that makes me happy, but if I think about it I'm really into psychology, business and government so I guess I would be interested in being a lawyer of some kind. Then I've always wanted to become a shrink for little kids that have been abused in one way or another, or do something with sports. 

8. If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend your last 24 hours?
Jeez, just the thought scares me. I would like to do everything I've ever wanted. Do the bungy jump, hold a baby tiger and a koala, skydive. Oh gosh, just everything! And I'd probably say goodbyes. I hate goodbyes though. I would definitely live every last second to the fullest. 

9. What was the last song you listened too? 
Oasis - Wonderwall

10. The bus drives past you, what do you do? 
I curse the bus driver  and get mad and wait for the next one to come. There's really nothing else I can do. Haha. 

11. 5 pictures you like on

 Okay, my turn! All of y'all who have blogs of your own should do this for fun! If you do please reply in the comment box with a link to your blog so that I'll be able to read y'alls answers! + I really like finding new blogs to read.

1. Guilty pleasure?
2. Describe the perfect guy (if you believe that there is one)?
3. Are you superstitious?
4. Your one time favorite song & one song that you absolutely hate?
5. Favorite childhood memory?
6. A movie that always makes you cry?
7. One clothing item in your closet you couldn't live without?
8. Africa or Asia?
9. If you could choose any sport to be perfect at, what would it be and why?
10. One secret you've always wanted to reveal?

Now I definitely think it's time to go to bed. I'll be a zombie tomorrow. Toodles

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