Friday, November 2, 2012


  1. Va e bästa med att vara tillbaka i Finland och va längtar du efter från Usa?
    Translation: What is the best thing about being back in Finland and what do you miss from the USA?

    The best thing about being back in Finland is that I know my place I guess... I have my safety net to bounce back to, if I get hurt. I mean I had my family in the States, but it's never the same thing as it is here in Finland. 
    I miss my friends and family a lot!! It was so amazing just hearing them laugh on Skype and just the way it felt normal, I mean it was weird, I don't like skyping because I'm really bad at looking at my face in the screen and talking, but it just felt good. I miss shopping at VS and eating breakfast tacos and practice how to drive with Dad, watching glee with Mom and workouts with Al. 
  2. Ootko hyvä koulussa ja kielissä?
    Ikävöitkö paljon jenkkeihin?
    Ootko erilainen vuoden jälkeen?
    mitä haluat lukion jälkeen? 
    Translation: Are you good in languages and school? 
    Do you miss USA?
    Are you different after the year?
    What do you want to do after high school?

    Let's say that I would be really good in school if I worked harder, so I'm OK. I learn languages fast, but at the moment I'm only taking classes in English, Finnish and Swedish. I'm thinking about starting to study Spanish, but we'll see. 
  3. As I said I miss the States a lot! 
  4. I'm different, but in a good way I think? I've learned how to be more positive and not let the bad things bother me as much. I'm even more grown up then I used to be and I've gotten a lot more serious. I mean idk, I think I'm the same, but different? I try to not over think as much and to not take things personally, but it's a part of my nature. 
  5. I would love to go back to America for college, but I know it might not be possible. Otherwise I'd like to apply for law school in Helsinki or in Sweden or just take one year off and go as an au pair to Australia and see what it's like over there. 
  6. kumman näistä valitset ?
    prisma vai cittari
    koira vai kissa
    kesä vai talvi
    kahvi vai tee
    koulu vai loma
    rivi vai kerrostalo
    koivu vai kuusi
    bussi vai auto
    eppu normaali vai juice
    katulamppu vai aurinko
    lumi vai räntä
    hese vai mäkki
    sateenvarjo vai sadetakki
    asuntoauto vai asuntovaunu
    housut vai hame
    omena vai banaani
    juna vai lentokone
    suomen vai ruotsin kieli
    terveystalo vai pulssi
    karkki vai kepponen
    skootteri vai mauto
    liikennevalot vai liikenne merkki
    kampaamo vai kosmetologi
    sweetsuprise vai sweet town
    leffa vai teatteri
    mylly vai skanssi
    emmi vai ida
    Translation: prisma or cittari (food stores)
    dog dor cat
    summer or winter
    coffee or tea -> unless it's salted, caramel frappucino
    school or holiday
    terraced house or apartment house
    birch or spruce
    bus or car 
    eppu normaali or juice (finnish artists)
    street light or sunlight
    snow or sleet
    hesburger or McDonald's 
    umbrella or raincoat
    camper or trailer
    pants or skirts
    apple or banana
    train or plane
    Finnish or Swedish
    terveystalo or pulssi (medical centers)
    treat or trick
    scooter or moped car
    traffic lights or traffic sign
    hairdresser or beautician
    sweet surprise or sweet town (candy shops)
    movie or theater
    mylly or skanssi (shopping malls) 
    Emmi or Ida

    The ones I highlighter are the ones I picked from the two alternatives. And Emmi, the only reason I picked you is because you asked me a question, haha! It doesn't mean that I'd like Ida any less................. lol 
    Thanks to the one's asking me. Even though they all were probably my friends. I'm so not cool. 

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