Sunday, November 4, 2012

Taxi driver

I'm an extremely tired girl at the moment. We had the school party last night and it was crazy. I had an OK time, but I was super tired after the game and I was feeling a bit sick. The game sucked. I know our team is so much better then what we're showing others. I don't know what's up.. I'll have to try to just cheer them up and get their spirit up. Nokka kohti uusia pettymyksiä tytōt! ;) 

About the party, there were like 200 people???? I was trying to clean the place as the party went on, but it was just too much. I'd promised to drive Meri and Anna home, so we left earlier and went to hesburger for some much needed comfort food for me (and just food otherwise for them). Then I drove home and fell asleep, only to wake up 4hours later to pick up Anna and Olli and drive them back to the place for the clean-up and seriously it was gross!!! We were there at like 9 and cleaned until 13.30??? What the heck? Well at least we got a bunch of money from all the bottles. Some people just don't know how to behave though.

I just drove Sofie home, I helped her with her photography project, I'm sorry I wasn't that much of a company!! Now I'm gonna attempt to do my homework, but I'm pretty sure it will fail miserably since I'm so exhausted. How was y'alls weekend?

Here's some pictures from my instagram
Lovin' my new hoodie

Anna and the bottles

me looking stupid with muh friends dressed as male strippers. We're cool

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