Monday, December 10, 2012

Elli's new look a là moi

Haha... Elli wanted to make her hair lighter and decided to trust me to do so.. I told her that it might get red, but she didn't listen. I think it looks really good and I think she likes it too. It's not that big of a change since her hair was so dark from the beginning, but it's a good start and when it comes to hair it should be baby steps than destroying your hair for something that will look ugly in the end.

Here are the pics! Her hair is not that red in the after pic in real life, the camera just decided to make it look like it is ;) For me , I'm just happy that Elli loves it. That's all that matters because honestly I'd probably cry if she hated it. Haha.

Elli being a trooper! Ben & Jerry's is helping of course

Just to prove that even my hair is looking red because of the flash in the camera... And my hair is not! 

I'm sorry about the quality..... but you can see the difference! 

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