Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sorry for being MIA! School has kept me busy! We'll be having this Christmas bazaar that sells a bunch of cakes and has a lottery. All the money we gather will be donated to a charity organization that helps the women in Africa! So everyone come and buy some baked goods or try your luck at Katedralskolan on Saturday! Wohoo. Haha

Today is Lucia day. It's a Scandinavian tradition (Lucia is originally from Sicily though) where a girl is chosen to sing Christmas carols with real lights in her hair. Anyway, this year my friend Anna was chosen as Turku's Lucia, so I went and watched them sing at Church today. She was amazing!
Some of the pics are super blurry, because it was snowing which meant that I couldn't use the flash, but I tried to photoshop them pretty.... Now I need to run because it's a game day today. I know, it's super late, but what can you do. Haha

Christmas time makes me smile! 

My beautiful Anna! 

Meri, Isa and Karkki

Turku as its finest

The Lucia and her group 

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