Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I feel so lazy. I've done absolutely nothing! I feel like I probably resemble a giant balloon after all the food I've eaten. I know I should post my presents, but I'm' just too tired to get up and take pictures. In a few hours, perhaps? Tomorrow I'm gonna drive to Loimaa because Johanna forgot a bunch of stuff at our house and her Dad is home for Christmas and I want to say hi before he leaves again for work. Otherwise Christmas is pretty much just getting fat and watching movies... I'm thinking about hitting the gym tomorrow though. I feel sick without working out. Weirdo, I know... Btw I was looking through old photos and whyyyyyy can't I be tanned. So sad, I'm seriously about to rely on fake tan! Haha, 2 more days to Stockholm! Whoop Whoop


Anonymous said...

joulu on vaan kerran vuodessa. Älä murehi turhaa ruuasta tai ku oot laiska tai ku et treenaa. Kuha oot varovainen et ei mee syömishäiriön puolelle kuten itellä meni. EI MILLÄÄN PAHALLA TÄTÄ HALUA SANOA. Iha rakkaudella :)

Ansku said...

Siis Aoua! En todellakaan! Oon vaan tammone into treenaaja ja yritan aina olla terveellinen vaikka suurimmaks osaks se menee siihen etta syon vaikka mita herkkuja! Kiitos kovasti huolenpidosta! :)