Saturday, January 5, 2013

I like your style of womping

Today's Emmi's birthday bash! I'm slowly getting ready and I'm late because I need to be at Mapa's place in 40 minutes. Way to go again. I've mostly been sick, that's why it's been so quiet. Now that the new year started I promise to try to put some more effort in to the blog. Haha.

I'm in a hurry soooooo I'll post something later on tonight. I'm not going out even though the rest of the girls are. Dad's picking me up pretty early, so that I'll get a good night sleep in order to not be sick any longer.... So sick of it. Haha, got it? Sick of being sick. OK, I'm just gonna shut up now.

Only managed to fix my eyebrows... Haha, sorry for the lousy webcam pic

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