Monday, January 14, 2013

Last weekend and today's awesome ending

Okay. Friday night was the best!! I had so much fun at Tiia's. Our whole team went over to her place to eat pesto pasta, so delicious! After dinner we went to the sauna and their outdoor jacuzzi or palju as we call it. It's more down to earth than a jacuzzi, but it's great! I laughed and talked until late that night. Afterwards I was an awesome friend driving Ida and Wilma home.

Saturday started of with the game Hanna and I had to ref. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't super fun either. After that we went to watch the women's game, they lost.. After their game we started warming up for ours. During the whole game I wasn't sure in which way it was gonna go. We played against the #1 in our league at the moment and we only lost by 10 friggin points. That kinda sucked, but knowing that we can play like that makes me excited towards all the other upcoming games. We're hopefully gonna kick some butt! Saturday night I spent hanging out at Tipu's new apartment and we also went to watch Karri Koira. Seriously the best show ever! So good!!

I spent Sunday mostly at home except for the other game I had to ref. I have to say this weekend was probably one of the better ones in awhile.

The later one is stolen from Cami's instagram. Thank youuu! 
Okay... about today. I have this presentation in Finnish tomorrow and guess who was such a genius and succeeded in deleting my whole presentation on my dad's computer. I can't find it anywhere and I've cried and yelled about it, but it's not coming back. And my own computer is a mac and I haven't gotten the opportunity to buy microsoft office on it yet and my dad's computer completely decided not to work anymore..... So I e-mailed my teacher and hopefully she'll let me have it later on this week... I'm really bummed though because the power point looked really good.
The lesson learned today - Don't click yes, unless you're 100% sure what you are doing! 

Not a happy camper :( 

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