Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Both funny and annoying

Soooooo today at the gym I really noticed something that I thought was both annoying and funny. While I was stretching this older lady came in and started warming up, and what I thought was funny was that she had done her makeup like she was going out to a fancy dinner. I mean she was even wearing hot pink lipstick and she had curled her hair. It just bothered me because she was trying to give this impression of how fit she was. I started observing her because she was just so funny looking at a gym, and what really annoyed me was that she did maybe like 5 arm curls and took a break.
In my opinion you need to give 100% always and it seemed like this lady was just there to show off herself.
Another thing that really bothers me is the pictures people post on instagram of them working out. I mean I've added pictures here and on IG, but it's not pictures of me in a sport bra putting hashtags saying that I just finished a workout. Half of these girls look like they've just finished doing their makeup on their way to a party, without any sweat stains on their sports bra and their hair is perfect. I mean I look awful after a workout, I'm sweaty, my hair is gross and my face is as red as a firetruck. It just doesn't seam authentic, it's like they never even worked out. But if they really do look like that after a hard workout then I'm definitely jealous of them! Haha, because I look so gross....

The goal for April

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