Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hope is never light years away

You know what always makes me feel silly (when I have those moments of feeling like my life is awful) watching the movie Soul Surfer. It's definitely one of the most saddest and happiest movies. The way something so awful can happen to a person and they can still manage to make the the best of it and embrace all the new that comes along. It's just crazy. I just found out that I didn't get the jobs I had interviews for, but something else came up and I took it (not for sure yet). It might not have been all that I wanted, but maybe it will lead to something that I wouldn't have had if I had gotten one of the other jobs. I need to think like that because another setback is not an option for me anymore. March was one of those "boohoo my life sucks" months and I won't let April go in the same direction. Because whether or not you realize it, things could be so much worse.

Now I need to get back to studying, but I just wanted to keep you readers posted! Later on I'm gonna go to body combat and punch and kick all my bad feelings away... My favorite instructor is back from her vacation and I know she's gonna make me work as hard as I can and more. And I'll also have a much needed massage appointment tonight with the best masseuse/therapist. Killing two birds with one stone.


Jessica said...

:(( så lessen att du int fick jobben... Men haha allti nä ja känner skit tänker ja läsa d hä inlägge, fast hu bra skrivet!! :) o ja böev intresserad av filmen, tänker se den ikväll! Puss love <3

Ansku said...

Hmmm, haha! Tack <3 Den e jätte bra, ja får altti tårar i ögonen!