Wednesday, April 24, 2013

'cause I believe in you and in everything you do

Just came home from yet another body combat - class and the weird thing is that I feel like it gets harder and harder each time. Today was really bad.... All the food I'd eaten (and I ate 2,5h before the class) was coming up and I felt so gross, but I just tried to push the gross feeling away and workout even harder. 
Now I have to do some homework. BTW, we found out our themes for next year 
0when I finally get to call myself a senior) and I'm sooooo excited already! Can't wait until it really starts next fall with all the theme days and fun stuff ahead, of course there's the bad part with the final exams, but it's just one step closer to really becoming your own person and grown-up. :):):) Today I'm feeling like this, but just wait and see and I'll write about how freaked out I am by the fact that I'm growing up, and how much I still wish I was 16 without a care in the world. 

Tiia and I at 16 vs. 18...... we were definitely such babies

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