Thursday, April 25, 2013

I think too much

Warning. One of those Anna's gone crazy thinking about the circle of life and all of that.... So beware. It probably doesn't make sense. I just needed to clear my head. 

So today in class we got this project that we have to do. We have to write a biography of someone and it has to be in a positive way (duhh). My partner in crime is this boy who's two years younger then me and I've always known who he is, but never anything more. It should be interesting to get to know him. I just feel sorry for him for having to write about me because I'm honestly one of the most difficult persons in history of everything. I'm up and down and I guess I'm like a thunderstorm with new dreams and ideas flying around in my head. I think some things through a million times over, but some things I just blurt out without thinking too much about it. I'm an honest person, sometimes too straightforward with the things I say and I've tried to get better at it. Some things just aren't supposed to be said just like that and I think I've gotten better at it, but I'm a work in progress. Nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes, but it's the choices we decide to make after the mistake that counts. And some mistakes can't be forgotten and I totally understand that.... There are things that I've forgiven, but can't forget. This project is interesting in a way because you're supposed to write about the person you get to know, not the person other people have described.
Anyways,  like I said I'm pretty weird. I want to see the world, but I'm still not the best person with that whole 'go with the flow' thing. I get stressed out if I haven't planned my day and what I need to do, and everything has to have a meaning. Like when we have our relaxation moments in class, I just can't do it. I start thinking about all the things I should've done and all the things that I perhaps didn't do right. I'm a nutcase. One minute I want to live on the beaches in Hawaii or Tahiti and surf all day long and another day I want to be a very busy, successful business woman that makes a lot of money and basically runs the world. What I have told y'all before is that I do think there are places that I need to see before I settle down. I mean I can't know what I really want until I sorta get to do it all. Finland is a great country, but I don't necessarily think it's the only option for me.
There are so many things I want to learn how to do like at the moment I really want to learn how to stand on my hands. I also want to learn how to cook, I mean I know how to make some foods, but I want to learn more and become better.
So to kinda wrap this whole THIS IS ME-post I could say that what's great about life is that it's like a puzzle, and in order to get all the puzzles to fit you need to live a little. Your puzzle is going to remain pretty easy if you just do the things that come naturally. Everyday should somehow challenge you and that's how you make the puzzle harder and smaller. Every piece is unique and every piece describes you and what you've accomplished, and that is going to be one beautiful puzzle.
With that said, today's challenge is going to be this nike workout I never seem to finish.
Sorry for the super cheesy post. Something different for a change.

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