Wednesday, May 22, 2013


G'dayyyy people! 
I woke up at 5AM this morning to go to work and after that I thought I had an exam, but I didn't.... It isn't the easiest to come from a holiday and have your finals as soon as you get back, so I'm a bit of a mess. Now I'm just trying to finish my project for health education, it's a research about if there are any differences between the consumption of alcohol amongst kids that are athletes and the ones that aren't. It's pretty complicated and I can't seem to find any previous researches on this particular topic. Lame. 
I though I was going to be able to go to practice today, but I can't because of work, but body combat saves the day (yet again)! I'm so excited about getting to work out properly after a weeks break! I started my half-marathon training yesterday and at the moment I'm pretty excited about it.... We'll see if it gives any results.
Now I have to get back to work, I have a ton of work to do... Welcome back Anna, right? 

Here's my week in Spain on instagram (some from my photos on my phone):

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