Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chocolate for breakfast

(Just to inform everyone, I was over exxagerating with the title, I'm not eating chocolate for breakfast)

Good morning to all you wonderful people!
Yet another day of sunny weather and a sweaty office ahead of me.... At least I'm not feeling lousy as several other of my friends probably are after last nights celebration. Sorry for sounding like a downer, it's just that I'm so hot and really don't feel like putting on jeans........ Ewwww!
Tonight I'm going to do nada, nothing! I just want to hang out at home and eat... Yeah, I'm supposed to eat a lot of carbs for Saturday. It's weird because I've sorta tried to skip all the carbs and just eat a lot of proteins, so it just feel weird when I get told that I can eat chocolate?

Btw, I'm watching MTV and Taylor Swift songs are playing in the background and I'm just wondering how the heck anyone has ever described her genre as country music?? Definitely not the country music I got used to.....

Two pictures from Sofie's blog! 

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