Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tic Tac Toc

I spent yesterday evening rummaging around prisma, trying to find the coke bottle for the day. We're on a mission with Kata, Julle, Jassi. We're trying to win tickets for 3 days to Ruisrock next week. The idea is to find the bottle of the day and take a crazy/cool/artsy picture and send it to this radio channel and hope to be chosen as the winner. I couldn't stop laughing at the ideas we came up with.
Today I'm feeling sick and stressed. This humidity is killing me (it's worse than the humidity in TX - not joking). Apparently it's pouring down on Saturday which is not a good thing because that means that this humidity probably isn't going anywhere and I'm not looking forward to run in this weather.
I'm also in a desperate need of a dress, I have absolutely nothing to wear for Jessi's bday party......
I hate that I'm feeling cranky and I would love to just lock myself up in my room and do nothing, but I have work to do. So I just need to pull my head out of my butt and enjoy the good things in life!
Tonight I'll post the pictures from midsummer since Josso was such a sweetheart and brought me the pictures last night!

Here are some more from Tuesday night! :)
Borrowing Sofie's pics again! I'd kill for some cake,cake,cake....

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