Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello sweethearts!
I was supposed to go on this kettleball class, but somehow I forgot to put on my alarm and I woke up at late for the class and almost late for my job. Me in a rush is not a good combination. It always ends up with me running around the house trying to gather all my stuff for the day. Today I forgot my workout gear so I'll probably just have to once again skip basketball practice (I'd be awkwardly late) and go and do my usual running drills  (not as fun).
I'm just staring at the clock waiting on the time to run out so that my mom can come and pick me up from work because we're going to check out the annual French week here in Turku. I'm hoping that I'll get to try out (for the first time ever) macarons. And it's fun to have some mommy time. The both of us are always working, so I'm glad I get to hang out with her (and I get free food, always a plus, jk)

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