Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another battle!

- Sebastian Coe

First of all I want to start by saying that in the past two years I have truly found a passion for working out. I love seeing the changes in my body and the progress I'm making. I still have a lot to achieve to get to my goals, but I am however certain that I will get there if I continue doing my best. As y'all know I'm currently working out for a half-marathon (11 days?? SAY WHAT), and lately I've been slacking. I have been running, but I'm just sorta doing it and not giving it my all as I should. This week my problem has been all my fault. I've always been extremely bad at eating. I mean I love to eat and I eat a lot, but it's not impossible for me to forget to eat all day and then eat my first meal at like 6PM. This is terrible for me because it makes my body go into starvation mode and I end up being way too weak to run as hard and far as I should. My body has zero stuff to get fuel from and I was stupid enough to not realize it until today when I was running and I felt really sick and weak. Sooooo, now I've put 5 alarms/day that tells me to eat a snack, lunch, dinner etc. Time to give my body what it needs.... 

BTW, I absolutely love my new running shoes and my new under armor! Yay for new workout gear. Me likey!! 

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