Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Learned a lesson from yesterday and I have now 5 different alarms that tell me to eat a snack/lunch/dinner.
Getting into another topic: I have to say that my favorite blogs atm are fitness blogs and looking at some people that walk around here at the gym, I really wish they'd write a blog and tell me what the heck I should be doing to look more like them. I'm definitely a weight lifting copycat. I always look at moves that other people do and store them in my memory for a  later use. I really should make myself a gym routine. Biceps & Triceps, Back & Chest, Legs and always have some kind of different ab routine for each workout. Abs are the hardest.. If any of y'all have a kick out routine, feel free to link it to me!
Today I'm going to have a workout buddy! Kata is coming and we're going to do Bootylicious - Xcycling - Power. 1,5h all together so it shouldn't be too bad and I'm definitely pumped for tonight! I should go for a run today as well, but we'll see.... I'm not feeling it after yesterdays sucky run.



Ha du börja gå på elixia?:)

Ansku said...

Njaaaaa, ja far ju ga dar gratis da ja jobbar dar. Ja ha ba nu hunni battre pa deras timmar an m&ms na ja jobbar sa langt in i dagen! Haha :D