Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I think strong jaws (see Channing Tatum, Ed Westwick) are extremely hot.
Even though I know I've always been the loud kid, my favorites are the cute, quiet ones.
I have a huge choclate addiction... Eating a whole bar is not har at all.
Realizing that I think I'll stay away from candies and chocolate... (Ice-cream is acceptable, in small amounts)
The only reason why I'd like to live on my own at the moment is to fill the fridge with the foods I WANT - not the bad (but oh so delicious) pizzas and hamburgers that my brother can eat all he want without getting fat
With that said I've always been jealous of his skinny genes (mine got lost)
P.S. my day just got so much better... I got a free redbull

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