Thursday, July 18, 2013

Every day isn't good, but there's something good in every day

My motivation...
It came back! Suddenly I've never felt more excited about working out!!! All I needed was a site with some workouts that were fresh and interesting... I can't wait to hit the gym, I'm actually a bit bummed that I'm going to the movies with my dad today (jk, I'm really excited), AND to all you haters, yes I'm go to the movies with my dad. Who cares? He's great company and let's face it I get to see a good movie and don't have to pay for the ticket. Lol. 
Next week I'm going to try to start waking up for a morning run or some kind of other cardio and then I'll hit the gym in the evening after work. We'll see though since I like to hit the gym early because it's more quiet...
Tomorrow I'm going to Sofie's 18th birthday party, I have no idea what to get her as a present, any ideas? We'll if this old lady is feeling energetic enough to hit the club afterwards. Right now I'm thinking no, but tomorrow... who knows?

I'll try to stop by after the movie and let y'all know my opinion, but otherwise I'll just write about it manana!

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