Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts from this morning

My workout today was ok, but I hate the fact that my shoulder is really starting to be a pain in my butt. It keeps hurting and it won't let me do everything I'd like to do at the gym. Dips and pullovers are pretty much out of the question... I wish September was already here.

I was feeling lazy last night and went to bed really early which is fine because I'm tired, but I didn't do my 1000 jumping jacks.... Which means that I have 2000 that needs to be done by today. Oopsie

Here are some pics from my iphone from the past few weeks:

My new favourite pants from H&M // I got customized coca-cola cans done at Ruisrock // At Ruisrock with Emmi and Anna //  My ride for the summer // Tanning at the backyard // My lunch yesterday - yummieee // My outfit on Sunday // Sweet peas from the market

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