Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's good when it's a good day

Woke up this morning before 6.... I almost went back to bed, but I made myself drag my tired butt to the gym for  xcycling and shape classes. That was by far the hardest xcycling class I've ever attended and at times I felt like running away... Now I however feel super proud, not for finishing (I don't quit), but for not staying in bed. 
I have a long day of work ahead of me, but knowing that I'll get some yummy sushi in my tummy tonight makes me smile! Haha, how can anyone get so beyond excited about food? Yesterday was the same thing with tortillas. I could eat sushi and tortillas every day! 
In the picture below you can see how beyond exhausted I am . I had to post it in  B&W, my face was waaaay to read and combined with those tired and puffy eyes - a real beauty queen. Oh well! Have an amazing day!!! 

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