Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My biceps are crying and my phone is giving me a migrane

I was supposed to go to Urkkapuisto and run stairs and hills, but since it was freezing this morning I decided to hit the gym and work on my biceps, back and an ab-workout. Now I feel great!!
Tomorrow I'll go for a run, even if it would be pouring down the sky.

Otherwise I'm so annoyed!!!!! My imessage on my iphone wasn't working so I tried rebooting it a couple of times - without success. As a smart girl I went and googled my problem (haha) and immediately found help telling me to reset my settings. I tried it and my imessage did start working again, but it sent all my messages through my email... AND I DON'T WANT THAT!
So now I have to wait for my mom to come back home from her business trip, so we can go and fix my problem... Oh, and maybe it's not a big deal if my phone is sending messages through my email, but I think it's annoying and knowing that it has worked before using my number, I want to get it back the way it was. Besides my phone's been kinda weird lately so maybe it's for the best to go and show it to someone who actually knows what they're doing!



moster Riikka said...

Joskus auttaa, kun sammuttaa sen puhelimen ja käynnistää uudelleen.

Ansku said...

Joo.. Yritinkin sita useaan otteeseen, mut silti se vaan jaksaa pistaa vastaan!