Monday, August 5, 2013

And the countdown begins

6 more days of work left and 8 days left of summer. Not that I really had a summer. I am however proud of myself for working 2months straight, everyday (not including weekends). Now I'm just stressed about school starting and ALL the studying I still have left to do for my finals. Jeez, I thought I was going to start studying early and realize now that I haven't. I just need to get this week over with and then I'm seriously going to be a no-life!

Saturday was fun, but not that fun! It was not worth the feeling on Sunday. Sorry guys, I kinda like being the oldest 19 year old in the world. So no partying and staying up late for me in awhile! Mostly because  I really need to study and because I'm starting this 6 week thing next Monday, where all bad things are forbidden! I'm pretty excited for a new challenge.

Sorry for the extremely bad blogging all summer long. It's not that fun to write about the same crap every day, so I decided not too... When school starts I'll have more to tell.

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