Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trés bien

That't pretty much one of the few things I still remember from when I studied French... Just kidding!
So last night was fun with my teammates even though we did say goodbye to Wilma, but knowing from the fact that I've been there and done that - a year goes by so quickly! I hope she has an amazing year and enjoys every minute of it!

Today I went for a run and hit the gym for yet another leg day .(I feel like everytime I blog about working out, it's leg day?) Now I'm at work and I'm not getting out until the clock turns 8 P.M. Somehow this morning the time just flew by and I didn't have time to make the yummy salad, I was supposed to make... I had to settle for the pasta we had on Sunday and I'm not excited at all. Thank goodness I'm going to eat with Jezz & Juls after work!! So I'll blog when I get home. Toodles!

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