Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starting week 3

I can't believe I've actually been doing my fitfarm for 3 weeks now?
Anyways I wanted to tell y'all about my pros and cons of this whole project so far. I haven't cheated except for Thursday when I felt crappy and feverish and even then the only thing I cheated with was that I ate pasta and 2 apples. Not the worst thing you could do??

I don't have to think about what to eat since I have it all written down. 
I've learned to like quark, which I used to absolutely hate
I feel so much more energetic 
... not to mention I've lost some weight (that's always a plus)

Now that I'm basically eating healthy stuff, my face is getting rid of all the crap, so my skin is getting clearer, but right now I have a few (very annoying) zits 
I miss eating bread and cherry tomatoes
I feel like people think I'm weird for doing it

meaning both mentally and physically 

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