Wednesday, September 4, 2013

iPhone outfits

Sometimes I'm too lazy to take pictures by myself since I'm mostly home alone when I get home from school. I'm also too lazy to wait for someone to come home and take pictures and I'd rather change into my comfy sweats. Yeah.... a real fashionista over here. Anyways, here are a few outfits from the summer/fall that I haven't showed y'all.
Right now I should be doing math, but I think math can just suck it. Just kidding, I'll start counting right away. Just kidding again. Oh math, why can't you just get a new significant other and stop harassing me with all your 50000 million exes.

Monday's outfit for a rainy day// Movie night in July// First day of senior year// A cute college shirt (dress) I have not yet worn// My favorite knitted shirt and a nice tan from Bulgaria summer 2012

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