Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Yesterday when I tried to do the protein pudding it came out pretty gross and mostly tasted like, well protein. Today I put a little less of the power with the same amount of milk and put in the freezer for maybe 10minutes so the pudding would really be cool and kinda stiff. After adding the berries and being so cold, it tasted really good!! I just kinda wish I wouldn't have picked the double chocolate one since I'm craving sweet stuff and I think the caramel would have tasted even sweeter. Oh well, I bet I'll eat the chocolate more after I'm allowed to eat candy every now and then. It's harder when your food pretty much consists of zero sugar.

BTW, I think I almost died today at the gym and my abs are so sore I can hardly laugh. It's funny how Sofie and I always feel like we're dying at Combat. Either we're in the worst shape ever, or we just give 120% each time (which the others don't??). I'm so happy to have my best friend as my workout bud, she makes me kick butt harder then what I would if she wasn't there.

Now I'm going to sleep. Good night y'all! May tomorrow be as good as today.

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