Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Sooooo I'm not sure what I should feel like right now. I got my results on health education and it's safe to say that it was not what I hoped for. I'm just surprised to how I feel about it. I feel empty? Like I don't care? And I always do? I'm a perfectionist and I always push myself to my limits and over. I'm mad and annoyed at myself and I feel so stupid, but still I'm not sad? I think it's because it was pretty much what everyone else got, but I don't usually care about what others think... I'm so confused.
I have however decided NOT to dwell on this. I can't retake it anyways, so I might as well just wait for the final results and then just live with it. This one went badly and now I know how it feels and I don't ever want to be ashamed of the result again. I just need to believe that I'm going to do better in March, in the subjects that actually matter to me....
Maybe it will hit me when the final results arrive in November, but for now I'm going to hope for the best. I mean, my luck can't always suck? Right? Haha. Besides, it could have gone WAY worse.

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