Friday, October 4, 2013


Fridays are fun! At least today is. The sun is shining and I feel so utterly relaxed and happy that it's insane. Yesterday I booked flights for my Christmas trip to home #2! I'm also checking out Florida since Taru's going to college there and I want to see how she's doing. So a week in Florida followed by 3 weeks in TX. I'll be gone for almost a month which sounds like a really long time when really it'll be over in a jiffy. Finally I get to see all my favorite Americans! I'll get to drink non sweet ice-tea, eat mexican food, order a frappucino at Strabucks, go crazy at Victoria's Secret and not think that it's crazy to say y'all!!! I'm so happy I think I might explode :)

While most of my friends are going to our school's party tonight, I decided that it was time to catch up with my old (but gold) girlfriends! I'm not sure what we're doing, but it's always fun no matter what. Otherwise the weekend will mostly be chilling since I have absolutely nothing to do and it feels awesome!

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