Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guilty pleasures

Long time no see! Neither did I have anything to write about, nor did I really feel like blogging. I've mostly just curled up in bed reading books and watching movies.
Yesterday I caught up with all the Glee episodes I've missed since season 5 started a week ago and one of the episodes was about confessing to your guilty pleasures (in their case, songs), so I thought it was funny and decided to reveal 5 of my own!

  1. I'm the biggest geek in history. I could read all the Harry Potters, Twilight books or the Hunger Games like 500000x times without ever getting tired of them. I mean there might be like 2 years in between were I don't even think about them, but when I decide to read them again,  it's like I read them for the first time. And because of me being such a hardcore fan I want to own all the movies as well, even though they all pretty much suck!! Not that I do... I'm missing 3 of the HP ones, all of the Twilight ones except Twilight itself, and I haven't bought Hunger Games. I wish I had the complete collection of them all though...  I just think I'm a sucker for everything unnatural, a freak show so to speak. 
  2. Peanut Butter. Ok, this one's not really that bad, but the reason why it's my guilty pleasure instead of just a regular pleasure is due to my complains about it during my whole exchange student year. I HATED peanut butter and thought it was the grossest thing ever. Surprisingly when I got home I started to crave for it really bad, even though I should be hating it for all the crap I gave my friends for being able to eat it without puking. 
  3. Honoring the Glee episode that gave me the idea to this post, I do have to confess that musically my guilty pleasure is pretty much all the songs everyone usually hates. For example Ylvis - The Fox hahaha. I'm sorry, but I think it's so funny! I also love listening to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys because it brings out so many fond memories.. 
  4. Kids shows. Lately I've had the tendency to wake up really early in the morning which gives me the opportunity to watch all the shows for kids and I have to say some of them are good! I love Winx (gosh, I can't believe I'm actually writing about this) and Avatar. I also watch Disney Channel like all the time and used to be the biggest Dragon Ball Z fan!! Me and my friend could talk about it like all day. See, I am a total geek! 
  5. I love hot and cold together and sweet and salty. Like during lunch everyone usually separates their salad and the warm food, so that they don't touch. Well I don't really mind that and I actually kinda like mixing them up, though I'm not sure if it might have something to do with the food being to plain and the salad dressing giving the food some flavor? I also love dipping my french fries in ice-cream... 
Okay, it was actually really embarrassing to admit all of those, and trust me, there are plenty more. Now I'm actually debating whether to post this or not.. Hahahaha. Oh well, this is a part of me, take it or leave it. 

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