Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 I spent yesterday in Tallinn with my three J's. It was so much fun and I'm happy I got to go! 

We started the drive to Helsinki pretty early in the morning. Josephine was driving and since she lives right next to us I got to call shotgun (random, non important fact of the trip). We had a blast while driving there, jamming and dancing to all our favorite songs (expect Josso, she was paying attention to the road, so don't worry). We stopped by a store and bought some snacks and managed to get ourselves to the harbor, which is not always easy considering the crazy traffic in Helsinki.

The boat trip to Tallinn took about 2,5 hours, so we played a card came called Shanghai, which I had never heard about before and instantly kicked butt at (at least on the way there...).

 Our game plan was to head to the stores that we don't have in Finland: Bershka, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius. I found a cute top and a maxi skirt, I'll show you pics later on today.

After that we were pretty hungry, so we had an AMAZING lunch at Vapiano, my new, favorite place. Thank goodness we have it in Helsinki, otherwise I might have to plan another trip to Tallinn soon. JK, haha!

We had about an hour left when we headed off to our next location which was super alko. See the taxes on alcohol are way higher in Finland, so mostly all the crazy party people of Finland go to Tallinn to buy alcohol, as did we. We lost track of time, trying to remember everything we had to buy for our friends and family and ourselves, and realized on the way back to the boat that we had about 20 minutes to get there (2km and a bunch of stuff to carry??), so we started jogging. We put all our bags in a shopping cart, to get there faster, but the trollies we had gotten for out cider cases fell, and all of a sudden the street was filled with ciders.... We almost started crying, but managed to keep our calm and just scramble all our stuff and continue our run to the boat. When we got to the terminal the staff was yelling at us to run and hurry, and we did manage to get on board 5 minutes before it left... and we weren't even the last ones, AND only dropped 2 ciders on the way. That's what I call efficient team work. I also call it a really sweaty and tough cardio/weightlifting workout. Man were we sweaty when we finally got to sit down and take a deep breath, and just laugh. The boat ride back home consisted of everyone kicking my butt at cards, but I kept my calm (mostly) and thought of the words my dad always said when I was being a sore loser: "Bad luck at games means good luck in love". Btw, where is that love?

The trip was a success in my mind and I couldn't have spent it with better friends! I'm getting excited over our senior trip now, if this one day was this awesome, I wonder what over a week will be!!
P.S. All the pictures posted in this post are Josso's, so thanks for letting me steal them, hihi.

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