Wednesday, November 13, 2013

iPhone weekly

Pictures from the past few weeks…… Weird thing. I updated my phone which resulted in me losing all my photos and now I never take any? The weird part being the fact that I was always taking selfies. Oh well, at least I have more memory for other stuff on my phone.

I'm so excited for the rest of this week. Tomorrow I get to prepare for Christmas with my friends, shop for a birthday present, watch the last episode of Vain Elämää with my bestie and go to a summer party at Loimaa. Summer party in November that is… I'll try to bring my camera and snap pictures of all the fun stuff, but I make no promises!

BTW, 28 days until USA!!!!!!!!! Can I just say BOOOOOO-YAAAA!

Waiting on the bus // my yummy salad today // a protein smoothie with avocado and spiraling (did I say YUMMY) // The first glögg of 2013 (LOVE) 

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