Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To be or not to be?

Flounder for the day that is?

Well, I decided to say yes to my continuous debate between wether or not to go and buy ice-cream… I know, I know I complained about looking and feeling like flounder, but to be honest I've had a couple of crappy days and really needed something to cheer me up and ice-cream always does, so sorry I'm not sorry.. or at least I'm not sorry right now? Okay, now I'm sort of regretting eating that ice-cream portion. Not

Another thing that's bothering me… I used to kick butt at memory games, like I was friggin amazing. The best of kindergarten and the only one who could beat me was my dad, or maybe he was the only one who didn't care about making me mad about not winning.. Anyways, today I had two of the most adorable little boys and one of them wanted to play memory games and I was all prepared to actually lose on purpose? Wait when did I mature that much? I never, EVER lose on purpose. The point was, (man I'm tired) that I lost because he was actually really good and I pretty much sucked. He beat me BIG TIME! I guess my days of being a champion are finally over and I'll just have to settle of being a sore loser. I am really getting good at looking after the kids though. Like today, the boys didn't want to go home and started a tantrum and their mom was already exhausted after her workout, so I told them that they needed to be nice because Santa's little helpers were watching everywhere and I that if they behaved reeeeally nice I'd write Santa myself, telling him how nicely they had behaved. It worked like magic. See mom? There is something magical about Christmas and I know you loved to use that excuse when we were little. I actually remember crying and yelling hysterically when you told me I wouldn't be getting any gifts because I had gotten into a fight with J. 

For the record! I was crying because I was furious… I hardly ever cried if I weren't angry and I'm still sort of the same. 
Now I'm going to finish watching The Little Mermaid (seriously, I've watched Tangled, The Princess and The Frog, AND Mulan in the past three days).. And I call myself an adult. I feel sorry for my future kids. They won't have a choice but to watch disney movies with me, not to mention they won't have a chance of becoming pink princesses (if I have girls that is) because I hate Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and all of those "I'm such a girl and I need my knight in shining armor"… Nope, I like the butt kicking, "I'm just as good as a guy" chicks. Okay, I admit Ariel's a bit confusing, but Eric's my favorite prince, so that's why I like it. Hahahahaha, sorrryyyyyy, I'm geeking it out again. Blame it on the lack of sleep. GOOD NIGHT

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