Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Seriously though, apparently I have a lot to confess about.

I can never sit on the right side of the bus, but I always choose to park on the right side of a parking lot.. 
You know how everyone are attracted to something in a guy/girl? Well I like jaws… man that sounds weird, but guys like Channing Tatum and Jensen Ackles (no big deal, I'm sure there are plenty of guys looking like that out there)
I've been extremely lazy this week, not doing anything remotely useful. I'm actually kinda scared of getting back on the basketball court even if it is still a long way to go until I get there
I haven't been blogging very well lately just because I haven't had anything in particular to blog about. I don't play basketball, I can't workout right now, I have 2 classes this period and I've been kinda socially awkward during this past month or so
I'm a very independent person and I have a hard time accepting help. Like when I was little we used to get a grade of how well you worked with others and that was the only grade I got an acceptable in.. 
Now however I would say that I work quite well in a team (as long as I get to decide, jk) 
I love writing these confessions because sometimes I realize all these little things about myself and wonder if others laugh at them like I do

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