Friday, December 20, 2013

Back at home #2

The flights yesterday went fine. I thought I was going to have to hurry to catch the flight to San Antonio, but I was lucky because the flight left from the same terminal. The flight was in early which is so weird because I feel like they're always late!
I'm so lame, but I started crying when I finally saw them. I mean it's been like 2 years. First it seemed kinda weird being back here, but now it kinda feels like I haven't left.
Today were going to Austin to celebrate Courtney's birthday and we're staying there until Sunday. Btw, I heard that we're going to South Carolina for a couple of days because Jamie (my host dad) doesn't like Christmas that much and he wants to leave town for the holidays. We'll be spending Christmas Eve & Day with the family, but after that I think we're leaving?
Anyways, I don't have anything too exciting (YET) to tell y'all, nor do I have any pictures, so I'll just come back another time when I do.

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