Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Courtney's Bday bash in Austin

On Friday Courtney (My middle fake sister) turned 24, and we drove to Austin (the Capital of TX btw) to celebrate her. We had a limo (say whaaaaat) taking us to this Mexican/Hawaiian restaurant where we had dinner. The limo got stuck on the road, and they needed to get it toed, sooooo we had to stay at the restaurant for quite a bit. When we finally got the limo going again, we drove to this place called top golf.
Top golf is like bowling, but it's golf. You have to try to hit the balls to these circles and the further away you hit, the more points you receive. It was a lot of fun, even though I wasn't very good!

On Saturday we went shopping and in the evening we went to this trail of Christmas lights. It was beautiful!! I can't explain it, so I'll just show y'all the pictures! 

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