Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family fun

Yesterday was fun, nothing too special and it was great seeing some of my friends that I haven't been around in ages. I went home pretty early though, and I didn't take any pictures!

Today our family drove to Espoo to visit my grand father and his girlfriend?? I guess that's what you would call her, although I think it sounds so childish for a couple of elderly people. I haven't seen my grandpa in a while so I had a lot of fun. We ate a light lunch and had some pastries for dessert, along with a bunch of candies that they kept offering. Seriously though? What's up with grand parents wanting to give all these unhealthy, sugary things to their grand kids.
Driving home we kept playing this game we usually play when the whole family drives somewhere, where we play songs and the other ones have to guess  either the title or the song. Today our theme was Disney and I made my dad and brother try to guess which movies the songs were from. Let's just say that they lost! Haha!

Another 6 days of school and I'm GOING!!!! yaaaaaay! SO happy

Btw, I was so sad to read about Paul Walker and his friend today. I wonder what the 7th Fast and Furious will be like, since they were only halfway through filming. He was definitely my favorite out of the whole cast. It's unfair how life turns out sometimes. About a week ago I heard that a person who used to be really close to our family died, so it definitely makes you stop and think about things on a whole different level.

R.I.P. Paul Walker & The driver next to him. Taken from weheartit

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