Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Frustrated beyond belief

I'm so sick of being sick! I can't seem to get anything done. I haven't been able to workout in ages, I just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself (which I hate). I have no energy or motivation to do anything and all I want to do right now is stuff myself with chocolate.
I just want to not be sick anymore. Last night I had fever and today I woke up with fever as well, so no school for me. Stupid, stupid, body that won't work. I stuff myself with vitamin C, drink (hot) tea, stuff myself with flue medicine and just sleep ALL.THE.TIME.

Can you see me being upset? Clearly.
All I want to do is to wake up tomorrow feeling healthy as a horse. I'm getting so upset reading about how everyone are working out and sweating and having a fab time a the gym (btw, they're totally lying, it's the feeling afterwards that's awesome). I WANT TO DO THAT TOO! Ok, bye.
P.S. Can I puhhhleeeeease feel as awesome as I feel in the picture below. I mean can't you see how ecstatic I am?

Awe, Jassi you're the cutest! 

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