Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday (Thor's day)

I know I'm supposed to blog about all the wonderful things I'm up too and all the amazing stuff I keep buying and foods I'm eating, BUT truth be told... Today sucked (bad!!), I'm broke and I'm trying hard  not to eat all the time. However today I actually acted like the best wife-material in the history of me (which next Sunday will reach its 20th anniversary). I am not going to show y'all just because I'm tired and grumpy and today food made me happy and maybe reminiscing about it tomorrow will make it better then today. 

So sleep tight muchachas (or however you spell it)! This girly's about to pass out. BIG LOVE (hatred, hence to the fact that today blew big time) 

P.S. the picture below is aimed at me. I was being a wee bit pissy. (can you notice how all those english novels are making me more "English" (pronounced in that very sophisticated accent) )

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