Monday, January 20, 2014


How is it that every time I'm planning on updating my blog, there's always something else that comes up. I've had so much to think about lately that I can hardly keep my thoughts straight.
Weird thing. Everyone kept doing this thing on Facebook where you're supposed to look at a picture with a bunch of letters scrambled in one and try to find words. Apparently the first three words you see are the ones that define year 2014 for yourself. I got family, kids and happiness?? I hope the kids part means my job and not some unexpected surprises. Not quite ready for that yet.
I should be doing homework, but somehow I'm just thinking of 1000 other things that are more important. Anyways, I've started listening to Lordes songs and I must say I'm liking them a lot!


Milla said...

Pakko kommentoida: Naytat naamasta aika paljon Selena Gomezilta! :----D

Ansku said...

Haha! Enpa oo ennen kuullu tota, mutta otan sen tottakai kohteliasuutena! :)