Monday, February 24, 2014

April can't arrive soon enough

At the end of April, Jess, Juls, Josso and I are jetting off to Cyprus, to a place called Ayia Napa. We have rented a cute house with our own private pool and we are staying there for 10 whole days!!! I can't wait to be able to tan, eat fruits, drink cute, girly cocktails and dance the night away. I've never been to Cyprus, which means that I can cross yet another country off my list.
I know the other girls want to shop and stuff, but for me the number one thing is to get darker than dark (fingers crossed that the weather is going to be awesome)! I want to try windsurfing and spend a day at their waterpark, take cute pictures and not stress about anything.

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Jessica said...

Kommer bli så jäkla awesome!! Woop! O ja vill o dit ti waterpark & windsurfing, jihuuu