Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I know y'all probably get tired of me whining, or writing about how tired I am or how crappy I'm feeling. I don't blame you. It's easier to read about a person's life when they're nothing but happy, but it isn't real. I didn't have the best day yesterday and today isn't much better. I'm tired, I kid you not if I said that I could probably sleep for 24hours straight.
The weird thing is that I should be jittery and excited because Thursday is most likely going to be one of the best days of my life so far.. But it's like I have to get all of this angst out before it. I don't know.. I think I'm also freaking out a bit knowing that this is the last chance for me to get the grades I'm hoping for and I want to do good..
See I already feel better, just opening up about it here. I hardly ever share my personal stuff and I don't consider the things I post here to be very personal, but it does help me to write about the things that bring me anxiety and I think that is one of the reasons I write in the first place. Not to have more followers than my friends, take pictures of my outfits or show y'all how good of a cook I am. Yes, I do all of those things too, but for me this is first and utmost a place where I can lift a part of the burden of my shoulders and hopefully help someone in the process. Someone who might feel the same way as I do. I at least find it comforting to know that I'm not the only girl in the world (I hate it when a phrase is also a famous song…) that feels like the life we're living through right now feels a little overwhelming.
The biggest thing is to make yourself realize how you are feeling. Like me realizing that I need to prioritize my sleep. I can't stay out late with friends, if I want to be able to study properly and do other things I enjoy. Because right now, I don't seem to have the energy to go anywhere or to do anything, and that makes me even more tired.
What I learned today: Go to bed early, sleep more and eat soup. 

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