Sunday, February 2, 2014

One year older

Happy birthday to me! 20's the number

Seriously though? I'm getting old. Like in 10years I'll be turning 30 and I should be having kids and getting married and having a job and doing stuff old people do. Like reading books and complaining about having to go grocery shopping… Haha. 
I had a birthday party last night and I'm contemplating whether or not this is going to be my last one. I mean I'm a grown-up now. I need to act mature. Yeah right. Mature can suck it. I'm still a kid. The party went well and at around eleven we took the bus to town for some dancing at The Monkey. This old lady lasted until two and then I got a ride from Sanni's sister which was awesome! Today I've spent my actual day just eating bad food and now I feel really fat. 
Tomorrow it's back to business with studying and all that jazz. I've got finals coming up. 

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